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Restorative Dentistry

A missing or fractured tooth should always be examined as soon as possible by a dental professional to begin working on an effective solution. If your set of teeth is damaged, other problems such as infection, gum disease, and more tooth loss may ensue. To avoid this, Dr. Gubler and Dr. Krebs use their years of experience to restore function in our smiles using one or several restorative treatments.

Our state-of-the-art office utilizes a CEREC® machine for same-day crowns and even a soft-tissue laser for cavity treatment and periodontal concerns. We also partake in ongoing education, staying updated with the latest techniques proven to make restorative procedures more comfortable for our patients.

A restorative dental procedure generally refers to the management of oral health issues primarily using prosthetics. Some smile renewal services offered at our Antigo practice are:

  • Dental fillings involve clearing away any harmful bacteria or decay then re-filling the area with a neutrally-colored material.
  • Crowns completely cover a tooth affected by heavy staining and moderate fractures.
  • Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp from the inner chambers of a tooth. This saves the overall structure of the tooth and prevents potential extraction.  
  • Bridges use adjacent teeth in order to place a set of false, or pontic teeth, helping to complete the gap in your smile.
  • Full & partial dentures replace several teeth to a full arc by creating a customized prosthetic that sits on your gums or is supported by dental implants.
  • Dental implant restoration includes setting posts into the gum to imitate a full tooth from root to crown.

CEREC: Crowns in a Day

Dental crowns work well to address minor to moderate breaks in a tooth. By using quality materials, our CEREC machine produces custom, durable caps for teeth within a single appointment. The technology produces accurate devices comparable to lab-quality prosthetics. The main draw to CEREC-crowns are their convenience, and we enjoy the ability to resolve a patient’s concerns in just one visit.   

Dental Implants: Long-term Solution

Dr. Gubler works with a network of trusted specialists when more advanced dental services, like dental implant placement, are required by a patient. Titanium posts can only be placed in your gums by a prosthodontist, which we can recommend and complete the treatment from there. Our office is able to place the abutment, as well as the crown or denture once the post has settled and fused to the surrounding structures.  

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