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"The fantabulous staff at Dr. Krebs' office always makes me feel welcome. Believe it or not, I have a great time at the dentist."
-Chris Eckerman, Antigo

"Dentistry shouldn't be something to dread. With today's technology and good old ageless caring, dental horror stories passed down from generations are a thing of the past. Come on in and see what today's dentistry is all about.
-Dr. Randy
"Everyone at the Complete Dental Center makes you feel right at home. They have an amazing staff that is super nice. Before I started going there I had crooked teeth. After they gave me my braces my teeth were finally straight for once. I would definitely recommend going there to anyone of any age.
-Zach Fleischman, Antigo

"Zach is a great patient. He was so fun to work with. Zach's braces were thrilling to watch as the transformation went on from crooked teeth with an undersized dental arch to gorgeous straight teeth with totally healthy properly positioned facial bones. It's so rewarding to be able to take complete care of our patients."
-The Staff at Antigo's Complete Dental Center

"I've had four dentists before Dr. Lisa. The first dentist was when I was 13. The dentist almost cut my cheek open when I tried to get him to stop because he was hurting me. He yelled at me, shook me and hit me. The next three dentists were when I was 29, 38, and 46. I was either medicated or asleep for the appointments.

My first appointment with Dr Lisa, I was so scared and was shaking and crying. I left through a side entrance because I didn't want anyone to see me. Dr. Lisa was very calming and upbeat. She made me feel relaxed and I trusted her. I felt she really cared, did not want me to be afraid and that she would not hurt me. Dr. Lisa's assistants and support staff, Jamie, Erin, Linda and Julie, are just as caring and kind. Ginny and Debee are great a work with me and my insurance to maximize the benefits of my plan.

I've been seeing Dr. Lisa for 2 1/2 years and she has taken care of all my teeth and they feel and look great!! Thank you, Dr. Lisa and all your staff for truly catering to a coward of dentists."
-Deb Kessen, Birnamwood

"I've always wished for perfect teeth and Dr. Randy granted that wish."
-Kerri Habert, Aniwa

"Kerri was a severely crowded case. With "Full Face Orthodontics," we gave her the smile she has always wanted without removing any teeth. If your're an adult or have children with crowded teeth, come see us for an opinion on how we can help you."
-Dr. Randy


"The girls don't know much about sports, but they sure know teeth."
-Blake Kirsch, Antigo

"Sports are one thing, but health is another! Blake's headaches were eliminated with our 'Full Face Orthodontics' treatment. 'Full Face Orthodontics' gives our patients much more than just six straight front teeth. It also develops and aligns the upper and lower jaws the way they should be to help harmonize the attached nerves and muscles. 'Full Face Orthodontics' creates gorgeous, full smiles and promotes healthy, symmetrical full facial beauty."
-Dr Randy

"Drs. Lisa & Randy are about the nicest people I've had the pleasure to meet. They do great work. I had my root canal done four years ago and it looks and feels great. These are the main reasons I come back to them."
-Nate Novak, Antigo

"Root canals are just one of the treatments our patients find easy and pain free. Why drive out of town for treatment when you can save time and money right here in Antigo. If you've been told that you need a root canal and you don't want to drive out of town to have it done, give us a call and make your day by saving time and money."
-Dr. Lisa

"The girls who work at the Complete Dental Center are amazing. It's nice that they let Dr. Randy work there too!"
-Josh Piper, Antigo

"It's so true! Our staff makes us who we are. They are a close-knit, light-hearted yet dedicated group of gals who enable our office to take care of your needs and make sure you're getting what you want from your dental experience."
-Dr. Randy


"I used to hate the dentist because it hurt so bad. I went to Dr. Lisa and it was so amazing, it didn't hurt at all! I like Dr. Lisa working on my teeth."
-Kendra Piszczor, Antigo




"They're respectful of my past dental fears and they've created a new respect for dental care for me. Backed by professional and courteous staff, supported by talented doctors. Thank you very much.

-Former Chicken, Dan



"The staff at Drs. Krebs' office is very friendly and caring. They make me feel very relaxed and comfortable when I'm there."
-Mary Pomasl, Antigo




"Usually when a kid goes to the dentist, he is scared. Not here. They are kind to people of all ages- all the workers here a very kind to me."
-Augie Roth, Eland

"We love kids here. One of the most satisfying things for us is tending to a child's oral care early, before any small problems become larger. It's really gratifying to see their mouths stay healthy through the years as they grow."
-Dr. Lisa


"I never thought I'd look forward to going to the dentist! Drs. Krebs have such a great staff, it's like going to see your friends. I've had pain-free fillings and root canals from them. That's not something that you're going to hear very often if you don't go here. Keep up the good work and thank you so much."
-Nicole Schroepfer, California




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